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Workshops and Study Programs

We conduct various theoretical workshops dealing with different aspect of yoga as well as related services such as,ayurveda,anatomy,physiology,vedanta, etc. We also have study sessions organized on the old vedic texts related to yoga i.e Hatha Yoga Pradapika,Pradapika’s Yoga Sutras,the Geeta etc.

Contact or call us at:+91 98600 15889, +9177090 66667

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Jigyasa - our library

Jigyasa...our library on Yoga and related sciences

This library cum relaxation lounge is meant to cultivate interest in the pursuit of well as get friends share ideas, experiences, warmth and laughter. We also have a wonderful collection of books for children to whet their curiosity and encourage them to read. Jigyasa is everybody’s whiling-away hangout.

Contact call us at: +91 98600 15889, +9177090 66667.

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Sampoorna - Ayurvedic Kitchen

Ayurvedic Kitchen Healthy Ayurvedic Diet
Sampoorna...Ayurvedic Kitchen & Dining

We prepare fresh food at "Sampoorna" our Ayurvedic kitchen & dining. Along with this,we prepare fresh herbal and detoxifying juices daily,which are used for various programs related to improving overall fitness and weight management.

Contact or call us at:+91 98600 15889, +9177090 66667.

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World of yoga

World of yoga

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Ayurvedic Therapies at Goa Yoga School

We invite you to experience the benefits of the most ancient integrated system of medicine. Ayurveda means ‘knowledge of life'... This Indian traditional form of medicine was developed by sages and is traced back to more than 5,000 years. The sages perceived the universe as a constant play of energies;which when imbalanced in the body,lead to discomfort and disease. Ayurvedic Therapies are both,physical... Read More